About   I  J Kapani Ji

Mr. I J Kapani born in West Punjab (now Pakistan) in January 1938. Due to the partition of India in 1947, the family migrated to India. The high school studies after 1947 to 1952 were at Batala an Industrial town in Punjab. Later he studied at San das Anglo Sanskrit high school in Jalandhar and matriculated in 1954. In 1956 he did diploma in Civil Engineering from Madras Govt. Technical Examinations Madras (now Chennai). Later he joined Punjab P.W.D. in 1956. He was posted at Unna subdivision under the Hoshiyarpur division of P.W.D. Unna is now in Himachal Pradesh. In 1958 he shifted to Indore and started Madras Engineering College up till 1962. In 1963 he started Associated Enterprisers to serve the Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics. He got married in 1965. In 1971 he was awarded in National Award by the Hon’ble President of India.

Some special tools were designed and developed by him for the mining Industries. He also designed and developed special tooling for Hindustan Aeronautics Koraput division in Orissa (now Odisha). Bhilai Steel Plant Baladila Iron ore Project, Bhilai Steel plant, Central Coal Fields, and Singroli Coal Fields.

The Govt. of India at its own in empaneled in him as a consultant for Small-scale Industries. His name was registered at serial No. 13 of the National List. The first project was assigned to him for “Crown Cork” feasibility report in Fiji (a country in Australian Region). This work was highly commended by the UNIDO-United Nations Industrial Development Organisation. Later the UNIDO Vienna published his paper on Industrialization.

He was known as an expert for the production of Die calcium phosphate (A chemical product used for the production of photo films a filler as an essential ingredient for the production of almost all types of tablets in the drug industry). All type of toothpaste is produced by the Die calcium phosphate as a major ingredient. This D.C.P. (Die calcium phosphate ) Is a must for animal fields, especially for the hens and cocks. If D.C.P. in not given in proper form the hens will not lay eggs regularly and proper way.

He was a prime architect for starting this product in Tamilnadu, Andhra, Gujrat, and many other places. As right from the beginning he had interest in Astrology, he got the rare book of Astrology knows as Lal Kitab in its original from the author of “Lal Kitab” Pandit Girdharilal Sharma near Jalandhar in Punjab. The original book as in Urdu language having a dilate of Persian base. As pundit ji retired from the accounts department of Ministry of Defense. He named the book as “LAL KITAB” because they policy book followed by the Govt. Especially the defense was known as Lal Kitab. So he named this as Lal Kitab of Astrology.

There are about 300 ways and means to predict future. The Prasher niyam which is the base of Vedic Astrology is based almost scientific basis and originate from astronomy. In astronomy definite calculations about all the stars such as Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mars etc. The Hindu systems known as Vedic Astrology is based on the movement of the moon and the western astrology is based on the movement of Sun.

It is a myth that people connect the Lal Kitab to the Persian culture which is as wrong as the Sun rises from the West. The Learner people know that in Vedic Astrology there is a complete study about “Kal Purush Lagna”. In Lal Kitab, the author has based this book on this Kal Purush Lagna.

As I have earlier said that there are about 300 base studies methods. None of this other than Lal Kitab provide remedies for illas problems, shortcomings diseases. It is only Lal Kitab which provides remedies for almost every ill may be physical, social, Family, Legal etc.

The author of “Swayam Siddha” based this book on his experiences, studies of more than 25 years. I strongly claimed that the Swayam Siddha has no parallel in astrological books. Moreover, the author of this remedies rejected the theory of “Kal-Sarp Yoga, Sadhe Sati of Shani and has very clearly tried to wash the linen in Astrology in respect of Mars, Pitra-dosh etc. This author has proved that Astrology is a Science. No hypothecations, no ill nous. What we can not prove scientifically is not Astrology.