Recent Cases

Case 1:

Mrs. Babita panjyar is lecturer in Barkatullah university Bhopal and husband is in Insurance business. Sometime in 1994 she was refer to by Mr. Ashok chaturvedi who is special assistant to the chief minister of the Chhattisgarh state. After 8 years of marriage she could not conceive both Mr. Panjyar and Mrs. Panjyar did everything to have a child but all efforts were fruitless. Around 1997-98 she visit Astrological clinic at Indore. I gave some remedies for both husband and wife. Within 45 days she conceived. The fallopian tube was completely damaged. Because of this damage the medical profession declared that she cannot conceive. Presently the couple has been blessed with twins both male and now both are in teen age.

Hundreds of such cases are there even a couple has been blessed with a son after 19 years of marriage.

Case 2:

Mr. Seth was drug inspector at Indore. Presently he is posted at Chhattisgarh. While he was posted at Dhar (a district head quarter 60 Km. away from Indore). For certain reasons the collector Dhar a criminal case registered at against him. Mr. Seth filed anticipatory bail application at Indore bench of M.P. high court. He contacted many advocates but was told that this no marite in the case. He came to me in disguise I recommended his some remedies, Mr. Mehta was his advocate he was very clear that though he will try by he cannot say whether the bail will be given or not. On the date of hearing the judge who was to here the bail application had gone on leave, so the case was sent to other board where he was granted anticipatory bail. Latter the case ended in favor of Mr. Seth.

Case 3:

Mr. J.K. Sharma is manager in district industry centre. He resides at Indore. In 1996-97 at the time of sunset for a few years his wife uses to loose the speech. Every month Rs. 2500-3000 were being spent on medicine within 3-4 days the problem was over and the couple is very happy now.